YouTube APIs and Tools enable you to integrate YouTube's video content and functionality into the website, software program, or device. The video site's API offers merely a few functions, which return XML data in response to REST or XML-RPC calls.
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� The Data API allows you to incorporate YouTube functionality into the own application or website. It returns data in fixed sets that lets you perform searches, upload videos, create playlists, plus much more.
� YouTube Direct lets you request user generated content from a website visitors, moderate the submissions, and display them on your site.
� The Custom Player requires a step beyond just pasting a relevant video to your site. You configure the custom player to exhibit playlists, favourites, or their unique videos.
� The Player APIs give you control over YouTube video playback on the website.
� Widgets are quite obvious page elements it is possible to embed in your site to give it YouTube functionality. It helps users to perform a video search just by adding some JavaScript for your page.
� The Developer Dashboard shows you instantly the volume of API requests, playbacks, uploads and errors that your app is generating.

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You'll need to join a developer account to utilize the YouTube API.


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